The Vision

Hālau Keʻalaokamaile has succeeded on so many levels, yet has never had a permanent home. The current site is inadequate in size, design, flooring and security.  It simply does not reflect the excellence of the hälau’s hula, language and arts programs.

One of the most important cultural legacies in Hawaiʻi is creating a sense of place.  How the Hawaiian people exist in the world, in their neighborhoods and with their ʻohana provides value and purpose and benefits the community as a whole.

To this end, the members of Hālau Keʻalaokamaile are now embarking on their boldest fundraiser yet -a permanent hālau and cultural center to call home in Piʻiholo, Maui.


Kumu Hula Keali‘i Reichel established his Hālau Ke‘alaokamaile

“to perpetuate the Hawaiian tradition, culture and heritage through its arts, beliefs, dance and language.”